Customer Happiness

In line with the expectations of our customers, we are taking a step towards becoming a global institution by using the best technologies and offering the right and quality products.

Latest Technology Production

We produce all kinds of electromechanical, mechanical machine parts and other equipment that companies need with the latest technology.

Reliable Service

To be customer satisfaction and solution-oriented, to be fair, honest, always doing the right thing, we put our efforts in everything we do.

Quality service

To increase the quality in the areas we serve, to follow the developments in the world closely and to carry out studies that will contribute to the development of our profession and sector.



In addition to our high quality and successful productions, we have acquired our vision to become a world brand by contributing to the increase of international competitiveness with our sensitivity to the environment, our innovative perspective and high Quality, Production and Design experience.


Machining; It is the process of shaping materials such as metal, plastic, wood by removing the material from the top or from the inside.


Welded Manufacturing

It is preferred in projects that require high strength according to the project, where it is not possible to connect with bolts, and which are drawn in non-standard dimensions.


Special Machinery and Test Systems

We provide services in the fields of production lines, assembly and test machines, robotic applications, traceability systems.


Project and Design

With our design team, we are working to provide you with the most suitable solution for your new machinery, apparatus and fixture needs that will be suitable for your process.


Unconditional customer satisfaction at all times, at every stage

We reflect our experience to our work...

We carry out all processes, from project planning to commissioning, with projects that will add high value to your business and with solutions tailored just for you. Thanks to our technical staff who are open to innovation and development, we reach our goal.
• To ensure communication in the areas we operate, to identify problems and to create solutions,
• To be an innovative and distinctive organization in machining technologies and machine systems by blending our resources with our values,
• Our main goal is to be a technological organization that adopts a lean philosophy to add value to the world, is sensitive to humanity and nature, has high quality, innovative and sustainable growth potential.


To produce products in accordance with the required specifications within tolerances.


To provide fast and flexible solutions according to the changing demands of our customers.

Competitive prices

To offer competitive prices using our expertise in manufacturing.


Our production types; Machining, hot and cold forming is predominant. The parts we manufacture are generally used in the automotive supply industry, plumbing fixtures, electronics industry, white goods and furniture industry.
Our Field of Activity; Automotive Sub-Industry, (metal fasteners, lighting, ventilation, door handles, handbrake, mirror parts) Gas and Water Fixtures.

It is the process of giving the desired geometric shape by removing chips of different shapes and sizes from the piece, by taking the projected technical drawing of a designed workpiece in accordance with the standards as reference. This shaping process should be done by means of suitable tools and benches. There are different types of this production method, which is made by removing chips from the material through the tension created by providing the relative movement of the tools and (or) the workpiece used in machining.

Turning, Milling, Drilling, Shape and planing, Boring, Broaching, Reaming, Sawing and leveling operations, Grinding

In the turning process, the part to be rust removed (CHIP) is connected to the lathe. In fact, the process is like the roller grinding process. However, when working with one 1000th of a mm in cylindrical grinding, the lathe is used for less sensitive work. There are cutters on the lathe. These cutters are fixedly attached to the machine and do not move. These cutters are generally called TOOLS, that is, the tool (cutters) is fixed on the turning machine. The moving part on the workbench rotates around its own axis, moves forward and brings the part to the desired surface quality or size. This process is called turning.